Jul 19

End of an era

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Its been a while since posting last. There’s not been much to say.

I suppose the most poignant report though is the fact that the “Novel Hovel” is no more. Sold a few weeks ago we had a tearful, albiet, lonely farewell. No one to commiserate with as we isolate due to this Covid-19 pandemic in what is now the state of greatest misery (that’s Victoria in case its not obvious). Maybe our number plates should be modified to reflect this as we stop at home and don’t use our vehicles.

There is one bright side to all of this self isolation – Jude has me renovating the house with nothing better to do. No motor sport, no travelling/exploration, no socialising. The Novel Hovel is being replaced though, in the hope that one day we will be able to leave home and travel. We’ve bought a new caravan, a Salute Sabre, a newish brand but a model that we consider after looking at many others  meets our future needs. Had to have a new tow vehicle too so back to the future with a new Y62 Series 5 Nissan Patrol. Van is still being built but we expect it to be collectable late in July, that is if we are allowed to travel to Melbourne to do so.

We’re open to suggestion as to what the new home should be christened. We’ll still be telling tales from the Novel Hovel but with a different house base – perhaps Adventure before Dementia in…………?

There’s probably a few tales still to be told  about last years travel through White Cliffs opal mining town  in NSW and on down through the south of SA but for the moment I can’t remember much – it seems so long ago. I’ll need to review the photo logs to remember and perhaps during this period of continuing isolation I might just be moved to do so (then again I may not cos’ it just reminds me of what we can’t presently do – perhaps its all we can do – reminisce).

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    How about The Hitchable Hooch 😀

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