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29 January 2013

and for today….. Day 2


Barmah National Park, beside the mighty Murray. Lots of happy campers and no-one nearby. Peace!

29 January 2013

We’re off!!!!

IMGP0949January 28 is/was the start of the next life. We finally departed about 1.00 pm and made it to Yarrawonga and overnighted at Forges Pump Beach 2 – well it was by the water and it was a truly busy spot, but everyone was asleep by dark I think cos we didn’t see a soul.

Day 2 saw us heading for Echuca via Cobram then BarhamIMGP0947 to see the State Park but on the way in we blew two tyres on the trailer and bent a wheel (and yes, there’s only one spare) so we are stuck here for the night til we offload and take all our bits to Echuca for fixup. Mind you its a nice place to be in the middle of a forest by the Murray.


The adventure begins!

11 January 2013

Departure date

Our departure date has once again been put back, but it’s not a drama.  Our proposed route has also changed, but that’s OK also as it means we’ll not be in the worst places during this awful heat.  Has been ‘rooly’ hot here over the last weeks.  47.5C last Saturday, then 46C.  When it was only 32C a couple of days ago we thought the next ‘ice age’ was starting.  We have our fire plan in place.  Simple really, if I see or smell smoke we’re out of here.  Even have the Winny, trailer and Suzy loaded, hitched and pointing out of the gate.

Will keep you up to date closer to our leaving.

9 January 2013

Lima East

9 January and it looks like Tamworth is not for us this year.

Instead we will be heading straight to Broken Hill at the end of the month with the plan to meet up with ex-local Mike Cottrell thence to be taken on a guided tour of the big smoke(y) town over  as many days as it takes. Following Broken Hill we will suss out eastern SA with a rally with the Winnebago Club 15 – 19 Feb then spend some time in the east of the state until its time to return to Melbourne for Zoes wedding on 2 March. Back to SA, pick up truck and head west around 6th March.

Right now we’re still recovering from pneumonia with still a little way to go to full health again. Hopefully all clear in another few days and then we can start loading the travel supplies.