14 July 2024

Ravensthorpe to Albany

Info at Ravensthorpe allowed us to access a pooter to book a site at the Fitzgerald River National Park campground. Tough, it was full. But, a free camp at Hopetoun proved to be a viable option. Hopetoun turned out to be a nice little place to stay. Anyway, unhook and into the National Park to […]

14 July 2024

Here I Am Again

Now I’m not sure where I left off on the last entry cos I’m too lazy to look but suffice to say we are now in Bremer Bay, some 3500 km from whence we left Benalla. Fuel cost to date amounts to $2346 so you can do the sums. But, so far still worth every […]

9 July 2024

We’ve crossed the Nullabor

We’re now in Norseman WA at the end of the Eyre Highway in an RV park before heading south to Esperance. Not entirely sure why we are heading south as it is already bitterly cold but the white sands hold some appeal. Just out of Victoria (I think) we called into the Serviceton historic railway […]

27 June 2024

Now I’m Awake

Weellll, more so than I was. Anyway, 24 June came around, Robyn had come down to Benalla to join us on the next journey but my chores weren’t completed so we didn’t get away until yesterday, the 26th. The day was pretty uneventful, stopping for hours in Shepparton to buy a table cover and then […]

27 June 2024

I’ve been sleeping

August 2023. The last post!!!! Where the hell does time go. I suppose when you do nothing, nothing happens worth reporting. BUT – Jude had back surgery in December and this meant that traveling was out of the question for about 6 months. Prior to the surgery traveling was a real problem and this was […]

1 August 2023

A Long Time Coming

I’ve been pretty slack over the last couple of years (obviously, I hear you say) but there’s been a few good reasons. A. we’ve hardly done anything exciting, B.we haven’t been well and C. we still haven’t done anything exciting. I didn’t finish the last post as we were about to hit the Birdsville track […]

13 July 2021

The Bucket List

Mightn’t seem like a big ask but there were some holes in our travel coverage and this was to be the trip to fill them in. The Birdsville Track, the Oodnadatta Track, the Tanami Road and the Gibb River Road were the holes in our journey map (at least to this point). These are roads/tracks […]

26 March 2021


Well this is a new beginning!!! Reported earlier though was our change from towing to being towed. Yes, no home towing car we are now car towing home and this is the report of our first serious trial run. FOLLOW the MURRAY. With nothing better to do over the last weeks of March we decided […]

19 July 2020

End of an era

Its been a while since posting last. There’s not been much to say. I suppose the most poignant report though is the fact that the “Novel Hovel” is no more. Sold a few weeks ago we had a tearful, albiet, lonely farewell. No one to commiserate with as we isolate due to this Covid-19 pandemic […]

30 August 2019

But its on from White Cliffs

I don’t know where I was but I do know where I am. Lots of time and K’s on, its now other daughters birthday. Happy Birthday Suzie from some lost souls in Yorketown. I won’t stir you about “Middle Age” face to face but I can do it here for the whole world to see […]

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