5 July 2017

We’re free

As in Monopoly we just got out of jail but I don’t think we have passed “go” yet. Our year of penance is up and we have left Moore Park Beach. We left it in a state of fullness with a year that has exceeded  all those past but our reward is purely the knowledge that we “done good” – council failed or could not bring itself to recognise the performance.

Presently in Emerald west of Rockhampton we’ve just spent the last 3 days with Lawrie Hohensee and his son James. Lawrie is an old friend from our early days on the Gold Coast. 78 and still surfs most days and still makes surfboards. Some of you will remember him I’m sure. It was fantastic  to be able to catch up. Whilst with Lawrie we visited with some of his friends who are serious “bikies” – a classic collection, some of which I show below….

but on a slower but perhaps no less exhilirating note Lawries collection also has some vintage to it….

some of them at least 50 years old and all made by Hohensee (Jamie shown here polishing an old one is only 46).

Talking of old, the MG Car Club of Wide Bay Region had a morning tea break at Moore Park Beach a couple of days before we left….

The B coupe is the fifth restoration done by Peter but he says it will be his last. This one was purchased as a rusted wreck for 2 grand just 2 years ago.

We’ve now moved on to Roma, having passed through Rollingstone and Injune along the way. We checked out the Old Rainworth Fort in Rollingstone which is really just a euphamism for “old stone building” but local folklore suggests it was built to fend off indigenous  assaults back in the 1860’s even though it was used mainly as a storeroom. Lots of unsubstantiated stories out here. We’re currently at the Roma Gun Club just shooting the breeze but about to head back into town to see a light and sound show on the oil rich history of Roma.