28 May 2018

We’re off???

We’re at Tullamarine waiting for a plane…waiting for a plane….waiting for a plane……..

Oh – it’s gonna be late but only 40 minutes. Oh should arrive after our connecting flight to PHOENIX leaves LA. What are we to do – perhaps sleep on the floor at LAX? There are no people at qantas to talk to. Maybe that’s the price for flying economy – so much for customer service.

Anyway not much we can do but let the Michaels know when we get to LA that we won’t “make it home tonight”

Even our train from Benalla was late by 20minutes but we we had plenty of time up our sleeves  and managed to catch an Airport Bus straight away only, to get to the airport too early to check in and therefore could not meet the Dey’s on the other side before they flew out at 6.30. So for the last three and a half hours we’ve sat around scratching our……

Dont’ya luv travellin’?

At least we got free wi-fi

I’ll post more when I know more