1 August 2023

A Long Time Coming

I’ve been pretty slack over the last couple of years (obviously, I hear you say) but there’s been a few good reasons. A. we’ve hardly done anything exciting, B.we haven’t been well and C. we still haven’t done anything exciting.

I didn’t finish the last post as we were about to hit the Birdsville track and whilst we did achieve that goal it wasn’t quite the adventure that we presupposed it might have been. Everything went smoothly, no breakdowns, no tyre letdowns, nothing really to write home about, just dust, dust and more dust. Then we made the Oodnadatta track and it was really just more of the same. The kids found a water hole to splash in and somewhere I have photos of them enjoying it, but Jude and I were too self-conscious to dive in (us old wrinklies). We didn’t make Oodnadatta again due to some broken shockers on someones Landcruiser so from William Creek we made our way into Coober Pedy for repairs. Not happening there it was onto Alice Springs a bit earlier than planned and repairs ultimately carried out .

In Alice the WA government decided that Jude and I were not welcome into their state so we were refused the opportunity to drive the Tanami Track. OK, the others could so we would wait out our quarantine and meet them a week later in Derby to do the Gibb River Road. Finally got to the WA border to be refused entry yet again so no Gibb for us. OK, then on to Darwin to await the others arrival at Mitch and Danielle Vague’s (Robyns nephew) only to have Darwin shut down. OK, we’re clearly not wanted anywhere so we’ll just go home. No, wait, perhaps we can call in to see Lawrie Hohensee in Emu Park (Rockhampton nearby). Good. And then ensued a quiet couple of weeks while we waited for Robyn to catch up. Alright then, lets see the folk on the Sunshine Coast on our way back down. What, the Sunshine Coasts locked down!

So bugger it! we’re going home. Had this shitty Covid crap. What do you mean, quarantine for 14 days when you get home? NO!

Managed a permit to traverse NSW in 24 hours and no end quarantine but Vic Health could not understand that NSW fell between Qld and Vic and when  we did finally crack the border there was no welcoming committee to check our permit. Farcical!

Anyway we got home without achieving most of our goals, some 15000 km on and much poorer for the experience. So much for traveling during a “pandemic”.