Jul 24

One Small Step…..

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Four days commemorating what is probably one of the biggest achievements in human history – man’s walk on the Moon.

In Canberra, guests of Robert and Judi Dey we have spent these four days (18 – 21 July) remembering, celebrating and recording the Australian involvement in the Moon landing as well as the event and all leading up to it. Robert worked at Honesuckle Creek tracking station, although from a period just after the landing but was directly involved in the tracking of all subsequent flights. It has been a great priveledge to be a participant in this memorable event.

We have seen movies not yet released, plaques unveiled, listened to first hand experiences of some involved, met Australias own and only astronaut Dr Andy Thomas plus others from NASA talking about the future of space flight and met many others directly involved with the original moon landing. It has been an altogether delightful, entertaining and enlightening experience.



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  1. From g@z:

    Lucky you~ It would have been awesome to be there. Watched a bit of coverage on the TV but didn’t spot you in the background.

    Posted on 9 August 2019 at 11:03 pm #

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