29 August 2018


About a thousand years ago Kelvin Whitford said to me “Europe is much better than Asia” I think mainly cos I’d spent more time in Asia than he had. But in time I think he might have been right. Europe has been more interesting although in different ways. A few centuries later he told me “there are three […]

27 August 2018


We moved on from Napoli, just a few k down the road to Ercolano and this trip was perhaps the most challenging so far. Not only are the roads cobblestone and rough as guts the motor scooters are like bees to a honey pot and we’re that honey pot. On top of them, the cars […]

26 August 2018


Naples to us foreigners. But the journey doesn’t start here. From Civitavecchia we drove only 60 or 70 k to Latina. This was just a transit stopover for reasons previously enunciated and well it should have been because we found little of interest in this township. One of the weekly chores is laundry. Latina was […]

26 August 2018


and there it was – my dream car – an all electric, remote controlled Maserati. And we had to come to Civitavecchia to find it. Only the little shit wouldn’t give it up. I put this place on the itinerary cos I thought I’d seen that it had some sights to offer. It didn’t. We […]

22 August 2018


From Pisa its on to Siena, mainly so we can traverse Tuscany, said to be one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. Not sure it is that much different to lots of other areas we’ve seen so far. There are certainly lots of little villages clinging to mountain sides but we’ve seen all of this […]

19 August 2018


This is another place thats always been on the ‘bucket list’ if only for the fact that it is one of the “Wonders of the World”. It deserves to be. It is exquisite for its singularity. Pisa was and to a large degree still is a walled city. Whilst so much of it has grown […]

18 August 2018

Genoa (Genova)

Due to the time constraints imposed by the nature of this venture we have but one day and two nights in most of the places we want to visit. Genoa is no exception. In order to get our visiting priorities right, if the option presents itself, we take ‘Big Red Bus’. And so we did […]

15 August 2018

Vicenza to Milan

It is with some personal regret that we have left Venice and we are moving west across the top of the boot. Next stop for the night is Vicenza, of interest because it is a city of the Venetians although there is nothing obvious on that front. If I remember rightly it was part of […]

9 August 2018


You’ll notice this one is capitalised. Its one thats always been high on the bucket list. But, before we get to Venice we have another stop after Modena – Padua or Padova in the local patois. Well we didn’t quite get into Padova for the night, having booked a hotel relatively nearby which was affordable. […]

7 August 2018


We have never been to Italy. So, this was to be an entirely new adventure and so far it has proven to be. I previously mentioned that not only were we late getting into Florence, it was also very hot (and humid).In actual fact the car hire depot through which we’d hired the car (Maggiore) was […]

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